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31 Bits Bracelet

$ 14.99

When you purchase a Gift that Gives product, your purchase is helping those in need around the world.

Custom Behold Red Bracelet by 31Bits

31 Bits uses fashion and design to drive positive change in the world by providing artisans with dignified job opportunities and inspiring customers to live meaningful lives.

Each 31 Bits product is thoughtfully designed and ethically made. They collaborate with some of the most skilled artisans around the world by providing them with dignified job opportunities and giving them access to the global market. Paying fair and sustainable wages to artisans is just the beginning of what they do. 

31 Bits provides safe and joyful working conditions, a family-like atmosphere, and an environment where every artisan feels known. They believe quality work is a result of artisans who are being cared for as individuals. In a nutshell, they believe how your stuff is made matters. Support their work by adding the Behold bracelet to your cart. 

31 Bits Bracelet

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